About Us

Maria-Pilar Gonzalez, C.M.Ht. & Life Coach

Maria-Pilar Gonzalez

Mrs. Maria-Pilar (Pilar) Gonzalez is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist & Life Coach, practicing for over 24 yrs of service. She uses different modalities including, hypnosis, regression therapy, REIKI, Hypnopuncture, and biomagnetics, to help her clients find their true potential. She is also a Certified Stress Management Consultant with which she can provide stress management intervention at both an individual and organizational level. As an ordained minister by the Universal Life Church, Maria-Pilar practices her profession with the utmost respect and dignity to her clients regardless of beliefs. Maria-Pilar is from a multi-faceted European background and is fluent in English, Spanish, and German.

Our Promise

Our goal at the center is to help you feel and be your best in mind, body and spirit. Allow us to guide and support you on that journey through one or a combination of therapies and modalities that we offer.

Achieve wellbeing by feeling happy and fulfilled (mind), nurturing your body (body) and finding inner peace (spirit) - start today.

Give yourself the gift of self-love and care. Call us and ask about our services and how we can help you be free, happy, and in harmony with life and the world.


Dr. Justin Newman, our in-house doctor of Acupuncture and holistic medicine and Richard Rocha, who specializes in IV vitamin infusions. A healthy mind needs a healthy body. With AcuIV you will have all of your nutritional deficiencies replenished with 100% absorption. In a relaxing environment, the unique combination of acupuncture with IV vitamin infusions can boost the function of your mind, body, and total being in a treatment unlike any other.

Indulge in a full body massage with Ailen Escobar who is a holistic massage therapist. Her work goes deeper as she is an experienced energy healer who can help you release stuck energies from body, mind and spirit. Give yourself a gift of self-love and care with a holistic massage.